Waltham Fields Commuity Farm: Thank you for 20 great years!

Thank you for 20 great years!

We’ve ended our 2nd decade with an incredible season of vegetable production and education on the farm – distributing over $100,000 worth of organically-grown vegetables to low-income households in Greater Boston, engaging over 600 youth in the Learning Garden, and participating in numerous public events and efforts to strengthen regional agriculture.



Small Business Owners Commercial Leasing Tip #2: What are you paying for rent? Do you have one of these: Net Lease, Net-Net Lease, Triple Net Lease or Modified Gross Lease.

Traditional Definitions of Rent:

A. Net Lease: Tenant Pays Real Estate Taxes
B. Net-Net Lease: Tenant Pays Real Estate Taxes and Insurance Premiums
C. Triple Net Lease: Tenant Pays Real Estate Taxes Insurance Premiums and Repairs
D. Modified Gross: What ever the lease says it is.

No matter which terms are stated in the lease, it’s the details that make the difference. Important questions to ask: Are the total pass-through costs such as Taxes and Insurance paid by the tenant? Does the tenant only pay an increase over a Base Amount?

Commercial leases are often confusing and unclear.  Often, the most confusing and complex provisions are about pass-through costs. Having your attorney review and negotiate your lease is a prudent investment to avoid costly surprises down the line.